Inspire Artists

Nili Brosh

Tony MacAlpine, Seven the Hardway,
Nili Brosh Band

Without a doubt one of the best female electric guitar players on the planet.

We want to congratulate Nili for signing with Ibanez. If you see her playing live with TMac she will be using an Ibanez 7 String. She will continue to own and use Inspire Guitars for other projects and recordings.
"It didn’t take long for me to get attached to my Inspire. I’ve always loved the warmth and feel of a maple neck, and this one is especially comfortable and easy to move around to get maximum speed and accuracy. One of my favorite things about this guitar is its pickups. They are quiet and extremely dynamic, therefore they help to get my desired finger tone. These pickups make it simple to bring out every single note in a phrase with the exact touch and dynamic I want. Coming from years of playing guitars with active pickups, these give me breathing room and versatility; just as well as they sound with low gain, they also allow for extremely high volumes, without making large amounts of noise every time I stop playing for a second. Overall, the playability of this guitar is amazing. It takes literally no time to adjust to. I can pick it up at any time and feel completely comfortable and ready to go. It certainly plays like a custom guitar, one that feels like it was made just for me!" Nili owns three Inspire Guitars. Visit her Artist Spotlight page.

Brian Gurney


"Absolutely breathtaking guitar. I've played many Tele's, but not a single one has been comparable to my Inspire. The pickups are killer, the neck is perfect, and the coloring is to die for; I'm really pleased. Even after two months I still take the guitar out of its case, lay it on a stand, and ogle over this glimpse of perfection that has found a deep, seated place in my heart."

Joe Becker

Joe Becker Band

Famous Chicago-based Player.
"This thing is incredible. The top it kind of reminds me of an Ibanez Saber, and the straightness and shape of the neck makes it's playability reminicent of Paul Gilbert's signature model Ibanez. The pickups in it SCREAM and I'm really growing more and more fond of it as time goes on. For electric stuff, this is the only guitar I've found myself picking up as of recent."

Brent Gallant

Skull Hammer

Brent is a thrash and shred metal virtuoso from Canada. A student of Joe Stump at Berklee School of Music, he is quickly becoming the player to watch in the Canadian Metal scene.

"I've been recording in the studio for the past few days and all I can say is this guitar feels and sounds great. I love the look of body and the tremolo system is fantastic."

Peter Christian

The Fostered

"Inspire has got one of the best looking Tele Style guitars in their Tonic Model. I just love the look and edgy output from the pickups is perfect. I can't say enough about the nitro neck and how comfortable this guitar is to play, when touring comfort is important. I'm a customer for life."

Johnny Cerisano

That Johnny Kid

The Prodigy Redefined.
"The Sonic Classic Shred Series guitar that Inspire built for me is truly amazing. It has that classic look but is extremely fast, and the action is remarkably low. The tongue oil maple neck feels great. This guitar has incredible sustain, and the pickups are rock-solid for lead and clean. Not only is this guitar a joy to play, but with its red flame maple top, it is the best looking guitar I own. It is easy to say nice things about my Inspire guitar, and I am proud to be part of Inspire's team of artists."

Lance Benedict

Planet Thirteen

Voted one of the best guitar players ever at
"I love my new custom Inspire Sonic Classic Guitar. I'm using this guitar to record tracks on our upcoming CD and I'm extremely pleased with the results. Its beauty, tone and action are unsurpassed and I look forward to owning many more custom guitars built by Inspire Guitars. I want to thank Mark Tatum and everyone at Inspire Guitars for their ongoing support! You guys are the best!"

Mike Fraedrich

This Perfect Morning

"At every gig, I get people coming up asking me who makes that guitar, it's awesome."

Xander Snyder

Metal Collusion

Xander is the lead guitar player and founder of Collusion. His progressive shred metal composition and epic solos are making him a force in the Shred Guitar genre.

"I absolutely love the sound of the pickups in my Inspire Guitar. The output is just incredible."

Ryan Brooke

Ryan Brooke Band

"I've tried numerous Strat guitars and nothing compares to my Private Stock Sonic Classic. The neck is incredible and the tone is outstanding."

Collin Sack


"My Inspire Sonic Classic Shred Series Guitar was built just for me as a Private Stock order and it Rocks. It plays great, looks great and produces a sound that inspires me to play everyday!. The neck is very smooth and just right for my hands. I am so happy with it, I love this guitar. "