Custom Electric Guitars
Our Process
​We start each project with a vision.   Our design or theme is worked on in conjunction with our clients as we learn about their desires, their playing style, their charity or organization.  After sketching out the design, the colors, and the configurations we set out to start the build.
Wood work, routing, sanding start the creation as we work with all types of luthier grade wood such as basswood, maple, rosewood, swamp ash, and alder.
We are very proud of our pearl inlay creations.  They are all hand cut, hand routed and placed with intricate detail.  This takes hours and hours of labor but gives each guitar a one-of-a-kind look.
Finishing and Paint provide the look and feel that captures the essence of the guitar and gives each build its character.  We often use matte finishes, satin, hand rubbed French polish or gloss.
Electronics are often wired directly from specifications from customers.  We can wire unique switching, custom electronics, coil tapping, phasing and other types of setups.