Be inspired by our artists

Watch Inspire Guitars in action from some of our favorite artists. These artists put our guitars through their paces. It's an excellent opportunity to hear the guitars and their tone in action.
Nili Brosh plays her Inspire Sonic Classic Shred Series Custom
Johnny Cerisano plays Cannon Rock on his Inspire Sonic Classic Custom
Nili Brosh plays one of the track from her new album on her Inspire Sonic Classic Custom. Nearly the entire album recorded on Inspire Guitars.
Song from Johnny's new album. He is using his red Inspire Sonic Classic Custom.
Lance playing lick from new album, using his Inspire Custom.
Nili Brosh playing Guthrie Govan tune on her Inspire Sonic Classic Shred Series.
Johnny Cerisano playing Amazing Grace from his most recent Album, Red Sky.
Johnny Cerisano playing a song from his new album.
Brent Gallant playing live with his Inspire Sonic Classic.