Custom Crafted Guitars

For over 20 years, Inspire Guitars has been building custom electric guitars for our customers and clients. We craft every one of our guitars with unique custom features, designs, and artistic uniqueness.  Since our founding, we have strived to put into every guitar what we see as the most important…playability, tone, action, comfort, and style.   Our guitars offer custom pearl inlay design, all carved by hand, custom paint, unique wiring configurations, vintage style pickups, locking tuners, and unique design features.

 Due to our success with guitar players, professional musicians, and our artist endorsements, we have begun a new chapter to our business in the last few years and that is sponsored guitars.  These guitars are custom built for charity auction events, corporate themed guitars or non-profit groups.  We use our artistic skills and craftsmanship to take the vision of our clients and create a guitar that matches their theme or event.  The guitars are often auctioned for charity by our customers.   These guitars typically sell at auction for $30,000 dollars.  In recent years our guitars have been played and auctioned by numerous artists like Steve Miller, Paul Schafer, Peter Frampton, Skunk Baxter, and Ronnie Dunn.

 If you are interested in discussing a corporate/charity themed guitar please contact us.  If you are interested in a custom build for the professional or recreational player we always love to hear from you and will try to fit in a custom build for you into our schedule.