Our Guitars

Inspire Guitars crafts custom electric guitars for high-end clients, charities, artists and recreational players.  We specialize in unique theme guitars for corporate events and charities and custom make-to-order creation based directly on artist or player specifications.   Our designs offer unique flair, paint, vintage features, custom pearl inlays, unique wiring configurations and custom paint.  Our theme guitars are designed to match the client event or the theme of the nonprofit organization and are often auctioned at charity events to raise funds for charity.
Our private builds are a collaborative effort with our customers.  We work up a design and price, then agree on the final build.  Then the build starts and we supply our customer with exactly what they want.  We will do custom in-lay work, custom colors, wiring, install any pickup you desire or choose from our pickup catalog, your choice of tuners, bridges, and hardware.  Sometimes we pre-make guitar bodies and colors and keep them in inventory.  If we have a color and body style in inventory that matches what you want the process will go faster.  We typically have a backlog so the sooner you get your order in the better.

Guitar Gallery